Actor Christopher Hunt

In 2005 I was pursuing a degree in computer networking at a college in Indiana, when the sudden realization and understanding that I was meant to be an actor, struck me.

I started off as a production assistant, as well as doing extra work on local independent films. My time behind the camera only made my urge to be in front of it much more prominent. Whenever I wasn't working on a film, I would read books pertaining to the art of acting and fill my mind with as much information as I could. I was fascinated by every aspect of the business. I spent the next eight years auditioning and taking almost every role I could get cast for.

In August 2013, I felt it was time to push my career to the next level, so I loaded up my car with as much of my stuff as I could fit in it, and made the three day drive to California. Once here, I supported myself by working full-time as a security guard, while submitting myself to as much work as I possibly could.

I'm continually working on my craft, exploring, perfecting, growing, and applying myself wherever I can.

Fun Fact: I am a Veteran of the Air Force and my favorite animal is a turtle.  I currently have seven!


  • Height:
    6'3" (1.91 m)
  • Weight:
    175 lbs (81.65 kg)
  • Eye Color:
  • Hair Color:
    Dark Brown
  • FOX "The Finder" Promo
    Television | Live Event | FOX Studios
  • Air National Guard
    Commercial | Sensor Operator | ANG
  • Vertx
    Swat Officer | Bredle Creative Services
  • TriMedx
    Technician | Bowersock Photographers
  • Vincennes University Theater I/II
  • Groundlings Theater & School
  • Military Customs and Courtesies | Military Combat | Firearms | Certified Security Officer | Computer Repair/Networking | Keyboarding | Improvisation | Voice Over | Teleprompter | Whistling | Horseback Riding | Driving (Manual) | Farm Equipment | ATV's | Volleyball | Bowling | Running | Aerobics | Weight Lifting | Cycling | Swimming | Basic Yoga


Poster Cover Thumbnail for Meanwhile in the Barracks
Meanwhile in the Barracks
as Sgt. Anderson
Supporting Role
Director: Donny O'Malley
Turner Fair
Poster Cover Thumbnail for Bonejangles
as Joe Pulaski
Supporting Role
Director: Brett DeJagar
Labyrinth Films
Poster Cover Thumbnail for Blood Relatives
Blood Relatives
as Det. Greg Cluley
Supporting Role
Director: Roger Melvin
Mike Mathis Productions
Poster Cover Thumbnail for One More Round
One More Round
as Process Server
Supporting Role
Director: Chip Rossetti
Rossetti Productions
Poster Cover Thumbnail for Blinded By Love
Blinded By Love
as Frank Burton
Lead Role
Director: Brookie Nickleson
BJYL Productions
Poster Cover Thumbnail for Right To Believe
Right To Believe
as Tony Morris
Lead Role
Director: Chip Rossetti
Rossetti Productions
Poster Cover Thumbnail for Found
as Rodney
Supporting Role
Director: Scott Schirmer
Chameleon Arts Entertainment
Poster Cover Thumbnail for And Then YOU Die!
And Then YOU Die!
as Brad Joseph
Lead Role
Director: Daniel Murphy
HM&M Films
Poster Cover Thumbnail for Seven Deadly Words
Seven Deadly Words
as Stewart
Supporting Role
Director: Eric Benson
Egypt Valley Pictures
Poster Cover Thumbnail for The Scorn of Vengeance
The Scorn of Vengeance
as Disturbed Man
Lead Role
Director: Justin Keith
Dreams Come True Films
Poster Cover Thumbnail for This Promise I Made
This Promise I Made
as Jason Gibson
Lead Role
Director: Dean Christakis
Dreams Come True Films
Poster Cover Thumbnail for NewWorld OrdeRx
NewWorld OrdeRx
as Ivan
Supporting Role
Director: Adam Bailey
Versa Studios Media
Poster Cover Thumbnail for From Ashes
From Ashes
as Jason Stewart
Lead Role
Director: Autumn Libengood
Awaken the Dream Productions
Poster Cover Thumbnail for In A Cage
In A Cage
as Robert Franklin
Lead Role
Director: Nagaraju Vellala
Dreams Come True Films
Poster Cover Thumbnail for Tow
as Brian Rogers
Supporting Role
Director: Adam Newell
Grillbust Productions
Poster Cover Thumbnail for Don't See It Alone
Don't See It Alone
as Ticket Taker
Supporting Role
Director: Steve Pyatt
Frankenstein 1931 Films

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